New environmentalism and the circular economy

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The other day I watched EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik give a presentation on TEDx.  He was supposed to be talking about “New environmentalism and the circular economy” – but he didn’t.  The talk was full of scary data, mostly around population, and the whole thing was so dull.  I struggled through to the end to the point when he began to take his clothes off, then I switched off, fearing that TEDx was getting into porn.  His main argument was openly self-serving: that business needs regulators like football needs referees, and hence (surprise surprise) that EU commissioners (as über-regulators) do a really fine job.  He said that Commissioners are much more responsible chaps than the here today and gone tomorrow politicians we actually elect.  Quite disgraceful – what is TEDx up to giving folk like this a platform?

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to hear about the circular economy.

Posted in: Comment, Talks and Presentations


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