It seems that "climate change is slowly moving from the headlines to the classroom"

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The other day, the International New York Times has a feature on (international) ESD.  It begins:

"From Mauritius to Manitoba, climate change is slowly moving from the headlines to the classroom.  Schools around the world are beginning to tackle the difficult issue of global warming, teaching students how the planet is changing and encouraging them to think about what they can do to help slow that process."

It only features two folk from the UK – Michael Gove gets a couple of mentions – neither very positive – with 17 year old Esha Marwaha getting all the approbation for her on-line opposition to his policies – which shows, if nothing else, the power of eco-citizenly activity.

Marwaha is quoted as saying: “For me education has been something that’s opened my eyes completely to everything around me.”  Of her climate activism, she added:

“I wouldn’t have done it had it not been for my classroom experiences.”

Just so.  Those very familiar with ESD and England's education system will spot the inaccuracies and simplifications in the report, and no doubt feel suitably upset that they were not themselves quoted.

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