Earth Day Celebration – readings c/o Berghahn Journals

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In celebration of Earth Day, Berghahn Journals are giving free access to a special virtual issue that focuses on climate change.  It features a collection of articles from eight journals spanning multiple disciplines which deliver scholarly and informed opinion on environmental studies and other related subjects.  You can access the issue here.  Its contents are ...

"Adaptation - Genuine and Spurious: Demystifying Adaptation Processes in Relation to Climate Change"

[Environment and Society-Advances in Research]

"Unintended Consequences: Climate Change Policy in a Globalizing World"

[Environment and Society-Advances in Research]

"Climate Research and Climate Change: Reconsidering Social Science Perspectives"

 [Nature and Culture]

"Changes in the Weather: A Sri Lankan Village Case Study"

[Anthropology in Action]

"The Eschatology of Global Warming in a Scottish Fishing Village"

[Cambridge Anthropology]

"The Science-Politics of Climate Change in China: Development, Equity, and Responsibility"

 [Nature and Culture]

"Bleu, Blanc...Green? France and Climate Change"

 [French Politics, Culture & Society]

"Divergent principles, development rights, and individualism in the Greenhouse Development Rights framework"

[Regions and Cohesion]

"Welfare after Growth: Theoretical Discussion and Policy Implications"

[International Journal of Social Quality]

"Reading Climate Change in J.G. Ballard"

[Critical Survey]

"'All These Things He Saw and Did Not See': Witnessing the End of the World in Cormac McCarthy's The Road"

[Critical Survey]


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