If you had £93.50 to spare ...

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... would you spend it on WL (F)'s new book?  Me neither, even though it has been digitally water-marked.   The book, according to the normally reliable SDRN, is

"... published as part of the award-winning ‘Climate Change Management Series’, led by Professor Walter Leal, deals with emerging issues related to climate variation, climate change and adaptation technologies, with a special focus on Latin American countries. Presenting a variety of adaptation strategies and projects currently being undertaken and implemented, the book showcases how Latin American nations and other countries around the world are struggling to meet the challenges of climate change.  Further, it documents and analyses the main challenges and lessons learned in these countries, serving to disseminate knowledge beyond the region and enhance international research and policy cooperation."

None of this, even if true, suggests that there's any good reason to read it.



Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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