Insights from building in the neo-Neolithic

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As I have noted before (see this), English Heritage has been building some new neolithic houses at its Stonehenge visitor centre.  This has involved volunteers from a range of backgrounds, possessing (and learning) an equally diverse range of skills.  Clearly, this was an environmental education of a direct and practical kind – but not just that.  Nick Jones, of World Heritage Trails, has been one of the volunteers, both at Stonghenge, and in the trial run that took place last year at Old Sarum.  You can read Nick's reflections on his involvement here.

I particularly liked the metaphor c/o a young Audrey Grundy who said, having just completed a 1000 piece English Heritage jigsaw of Stonehenge, “Putting the pieces of the stones together was much easier than the background.”

Just so.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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