NIACE takes a giant leap sideways – with its eyes wide shut

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NIACE – which sells itself as “The National Voice for Lifelong Learning” – has launched it’s manifesto for the elections in 2015: Skills for Prosperity – Building Sustainable Recovery for All

This says:

“This manifesto urges all of the political parties to forge a new skills strategy for all which reflects the challenges we face and makes the most of the opportunities we have as people live longer.”

The are 11 mentions of “sustainable”, mostly as the phrase “sustainable recovery”.  There are no mentions of “sustainability” or, indeed, of the wider world.  Horses race at Aintree with smaller blinkers than these.

Given that this document is supposed to be looking 20 years ahead, this is not just disappointing.  It's pathetic.  Mass resignations from its self-satisfied Board would seem appropriate.

Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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