Is leadership for sustainability possible in a market economy?

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This was the title of a debate at the University of Worcester last Friday.  I was on the panel.  I made notes beforehand but forgot to take them with me.  The panel was eclectic: a consultant oncologist; a social entrepreneur of national note, a director from Barclays, a knowledge transfer guru, two Worcester students who’d made names for themselves – and me.

My initial comments were:

1. I do hope so – otherwise we really are stuffed.

2. It rather depends on what you mean by 'leadership' – and by 'market economy'.

I did mean to mention the circular economy – but forgot!  Notes are useful, I told myself afterwards.  Peter Kropotkin, Mandy Rice Davies and Gro H Brundtland all got a mention, though sadly not by me.  Very enjoyable.  Edited highlights will soon be on line, I'm told …

Posted in: News and Updates, Talks and Presentations


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  • Would love to hear more about this. Good call on #2 above.