The great unamerican songbook

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My grandchildrens' end of year concert was themed this year.  You will work out what this was from this selection of songs:

Eat healthy food      Give me 5
Pick bananas            Apples and bananas
Vegetables                Gimme 5 (essentially a reprise)
Enjoy                         Food song

You get the picture.  In other hands this might have been heavy going; more propaganda than pianissimo, but the teacher song writers managed deftly to rise above the messaging.  They even managed to insert a potentially subversive line about 'preferring burgers and chocolate cake', no doubt tongue in cheek. Let's hope the food police didn't notice.

I found myself wondering whether the likes of Irving Berlin and Cole Porter ever wrote songs like this.  If they did, the great American public probably took no notice of them.  Mr Gove must secretly be pleased to be well away from all this. 

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