Linking Thinking – but never enough

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You can access WWF Scotland's ageing, but still rather fine, Linking Thinking report here.  It was written by Stephen Sterling, Paul Maiteny, Deryck Irving and John Salter.  Is it for you?  Well, the authors say that if you, or your institution or organisation are:

  • interested in thinking skills but think the debate so far is ‘missing something’
  • perplexed or overwhelmed by complexity in our lives
  • interested in developing understanding about how things interrelate
  • concerned by too much fragmentation and segregation in educational structures, knowledge, or policy making
  • interested in the sort of thinking skills, values and concepts that might be needed in the transition towards a more sustainable society,

... then it is.  Such a pity not enough people took any notice of this the first time around.

It's not too late though ...

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