Let's hear it for the Ebola virus

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I wrote recently about a dire presentation at the recent ECER conference where ESD was taken to task for being overly-anthropocentric.  The speaker, Helen Kopnina of the University of Amsterdam and the Hague University of Applied Science, spoke up for the downtrodden masses of the world (that is, the ants, termites, bacteria and viruses, etc) whose story is never told in conventional ESD narratives – nor, of course, do they usually get their say in journals, and so it is good that brave academics speak up for them.

It turns out that this presentation bears an uncanny resemblance to her paper in the Chinese Journal of Population Resources and Environment, with the title: "Debating ecological justice: implications for critical environmental education".  Details here.

Here's the Abstract:

This article will briefly discuss the implications of recognition of ecological justice in relation to environmental education (EE) and education for sustainable development (ESD).  It is argued that the present conception of environment taught through EE and ESD negates the subjectivity of non-human species and ignores the ethical imperatives of ecological justice.  Evocating environmental ethics, major directions integrating ecological justice into EE and ESD are proposed.

I hear that the Ebola virus's social media are all a twitter at this development.

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