Measuring global whatever it is

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This is the latest from Think Global's Chief Executive, promoting a Members’ Lunch and AGM on November 6th (1230 ...)

"I’m really pleased to say that our [AGM] guest speakers will be Newman Burdett, Head of Centre for International Comparisons, and Bethan Burge, National Research Co-ordinator, at the National Foundation for Educational Research.  We all know that measuring the impact of global learning is crucial to winning people over to its impact – whether government, funders or educators – and to improving global learning practice.  We also know that it is incredibly difficult to do.  That is why we’ve invited the NfER as our guest speaker this year.  The NfER is at the heart of education evaluation in the UK, including the OECD’s PISA assessments – which is important because in 2018, PISA will be measuring ‘global competences’ – but also in PIAAC (which is the adult equivalent of PISA), and has been involved in the evaluation of the Global Schools Partnerships Programme.  The NfER team has also been involved in studies of active citizenship in Europe.  This will make for an interesting and provocative session, as we look at ‘Measuring Global Skills’ from a different angle.  Please book your ticket early.  It’s free for members, but places are limited.  Immediately after lunch, from 2-3pm, we’ll be holding our Annual General Meeting, so I hope you will be able to stay around to hear more about our work and to discuss plans for the next year.

It must be easy this globaling business.  All you have to do is to find a handy noun, stick 'global' in front of it, and you're away.  For example, global issues / global learning / global competences / global skills / global citizens / global citizenship / global citizenship skills / global literacy / global values / global thinking / global justice / global justaboutanythingatall.  But what does it all mean – if anything.  I suspect it means whatever you want it to – as I said, easy.

You can book your lunch and AGM tickets here.  I'd hurry if I were you, lest the totally confused and utterly bewildered get there ahead of you.


Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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