HEFCE's Sustainable Development Framework – an update of sorts

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You might be wondering what has happened to HEFCE's new Sustainable Development Framework – after all, the national consultation was many months ago.  Well, there is the inevitable passage through the Council's committees – not to mention their having to get a draft that was both reasonably meaningful and which could be squeezed past the new CEO's rather reductionist view of sustainability.

I am told, however, by those who know, that the publication of the new Framework is now being delayed until after the UNECSO's ESD Nagoya conference [10-12 November], as the End-of-Decade report is said to make enthusiastic noises about HEFCE, and make it look good – far better, probably, than it currently deserves; understandably, the Council wants to have the benefit of all of that.

And to think that HEFCE and its leadership of the sector was once world-leading.  Now, it's world-following in more senses than one.  Such a pity.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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