Have you got Global Whatever it is?

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I had an email recently from Tom Franklin, Think Global’s CEO.  Maybe you did too.  He invited me for lunch (and an AGM).  Sadly, I was busy.  I was struck that his very short message included all the following phrases:

global learning / global issues / global citizens / global competences / global citizenship skills / global skills (twice)

This got me wondering what all these mean and how distinct they are.  What are the differences, for example, between global competences and global skills?  And how do global citizenship skills and global skills differ?  And do you have to be a global citizen to have global citizenship skills? Or do you become a global citizen through developing global citizenship skills?  Answers on that postcard, please, to DfID.

Perhaps you have to have global literacy to understand all this.  That could be where I’m going wrong ...


Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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