Children, their World, their Education

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I'm in Birmingham at the "Children, their World, their Education" seminar organised by Tide~ global learning, the Cambridge Primary Review Trust, and Birmingham City Council.  The blurb for the event says:

Children and young people are growing up into an uncertain, unequal and interdependent world, where questions about sustainability, security and justice play a large role.  This seminar for teachers and other educators shares recent developments concerning schools, sustainability and global learning on the national and international stage, and invites participants to discuss the possibilities and challenges for our school system.

The speakers are Professor Robin Alexander, Chair of the Cambridge Primary Review Trust, and past-President of the British Association for International and Comparative Education, and Cathryn Gathercole, Director of Tide~ global learning.

More on all this, no doubt, but it is good to see sustainability and global learning being so clearly linked. And here's something else to agree wholeheartedly with:

“The children who were most confident that climate change need not overwhelm them were those whose schools had decided to replace unfocussed fear by factual information and practical strategies.”

   Children, their World, their Education: final report of the Cambridge Primary Review

All this, and samosas for lunch.  What more could you wish?

Posted in: Comment, Talks and Presentations


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