The widening gulf between HEFCE and institutional activity

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At long last, HEFCE has published its policy framework on sustainable development: "Sustainable development in higher education: HEFCE’s role to date and a framework for its future actions".  You can access it here.

If you decide to read it – I fear it is a damp squib – you might do so in the context of another document: "Sustainable development in higher education: Consultation outcomes".  This (it's here) analyses the comments from academics, institutions and others on the draft framework which HEFCE put forward last Spring.  It is, of course, HEFCE's analysis, and the actual responses are not included.  Nonetheless, there is enough here to illustrate the gulf between institutions and the Council.  This, for my money, continues to widen, as HEFCE draws back from the challenges and leadership it used to provide to the sector.  Pretending, on the insistence of its CEO, that sustainability is just about the environment is no way to face the future.

Such a shame when it was once seen as world-leading ...

Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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