No wonder Druids are confused

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No wonder Druids are more confused than usual this time of year when sunset started getting later around December 15th, and the sunrise will only be earlier after January 1st – even though their blessed Solstice was on December 21st.  Actually, it was at 2303 on the 21st, as the Solstice and the shortest day are not the same thing.  Whilst hardy Druids were likely to be safely in the pub by then, no doubt drinking mead, metheglin, melomel and the like, I marked the Solstice (at 2303 GMT) by plugging in my electric car – more on that in the new year.

For rich detail on all this – and much more – go to Sciencegeek aka Stephen Hurley.  Meanwhile, the compliments of the season, to you all.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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  • looking forward to hearing more about the electric car!