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Sadly, it was only along the M4, and Chuck Berry wasn't there singing along, but I saw something I'd not seen before - the iconic wind turbine at the Reading business park was silent, hanging limply in the still, cold air.

That's the trouble with large high pressure systems when they sit over the country - no wind.  This was obviously happening over most of the country as the proportion of electricity coming from wind that day was ~1% of total demand.  Sadly (for wind enthusiasts) this coincided with peak winter demand (so far) of 52.5GW.

As I write this a few days later, things are not much better with wind only contributing 0.7GW to a total demand of 48.5GW.

Thank goodness for all that coal which is providing 14.7GW, otherwise ...  .  However, I'll leave the full detail, and any moralising about wind power policy, to the Telegraph.

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