A burning ESD 2 issue ...

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Here's some more on "energy" from waste [ EfW ].  I commented on the language difficulties around all this a week or so ago, after a recent visit to Devon's EfW plant in Exeter.

Now Private Eye has a story about the politics of EfW and the interplay between the Secretary of State, independent government inspectors, and the supposedly-independent Environment Agency.  Much here on conflicts of interest, health issues down-wind of EfW plants, and the financial tightrope to be walked in getting economics and waste reduction (and availability!) in some sort of dynamic balance within EU regulations.

Whilst the nuts and bolts of energy from waste might be great for an ESD 1-style environmental science approach, you have to add in the politics and economics of it all for ESD 2-style explorations which add human social interest(s) to environmental topics.

Is anyone daring to do this?

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