New draft of text for climate change talks agreed

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The Associated Press reports from Geneva that UN negotiators have produced "an early draft" of the text for the climate deal in Paris next December.  The previous text was 38 pages long; it now has 86 in order to make sure the document reflected every country's wishes.

"We were hoping to see a more concise text," said Ilze Pruse, a delegate from the European Union.

AP added:

Most of today's emissions come from developing countries, led by China, but historically, the majority of emissions have come from the West, which industrialized earlier.  Each side thinks the other should do more, and that was reflected in the Geneva draft. The U.S. and other rich countries added text stressing the need for all countries to pitch in, while developing countries introduced demands for financial help to deal with climate change.

Clearly, making the text more precise is not going to be the most difficult issue to resolve.

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