Deep Learning and the rise of the machines

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I watched a TEDx talk by Jeremy Howard on deep learning and the rise of the machines.  You can see it here.  Prepare to be just a little bit impressed.  It might have been coincidence (or media-smart machines at work), but there has been quite a bit of coverage of deep learning recently, and of associated things such as success in the Turing Test.

It was a great talk by Howard, I thought. I did wonder about his use of the word "understand", however. What sort of understanding are machines capable of now?  Is it still at the autistic end of things?  How's their emotional intelligence?  Not that many humans are much good at that.  None of that was clear to me.

I suspect that when the NHS has stopped having to worry about illness, because deep learning has fixed it all, there will still be huge queues for counselling for those of us traumatised by machines.  I'd say never stray far from the off switch.

Posted in: Comment, Talks and Presentations


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