Education Manifestos – Take 3; the Greens

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It is a measure of the Green's unworldliness that it's not possible to copy from the pdf version of their election manifesto.  As a consequence, this comment has fewer bullet points than previous ones.  A good thing, maybe.  If only the Greens were campaigning on a platform to 'abolish bullet points', I might be voting for them.

According to TEESNet, a UK teacher education pressure group, the Green Party proposes: [i] compulsory schooling to begin at 7 years of age with 'class sizes of 20'; [ii] Academies and Free Schools to come under local authority control; [iii] SATs, league tables and Ofsted to be abolished; [iv] PSHE to be compulsory; and [v] Undergraduate tuition fees to be abolished, and student debt cancelled.

The whole thing is both utterly compelling and completely unaffordable.  But they don't expect to be in a position to do anything about it, so it's more a marker for less 'progressive' parties to judge themselves by.

In my own reading of their manifesto, these phrases stuck out:

In relation to schools:

[i] "An increase in outdoor education and physical activity so children establish an early and strong relationship with their local environment", and

[ii] "We are determined to make schools fit for children rather than the other way round".

In relation to FE:

"Prioritise training in the skills needed to build a low-carbon economy".

And for universities:

"Higher Education is in crisis".

Well, that's as may be, but there is certainly no crisis that cannot be made much worse by politicians.




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