Election Manifestos – Take 4; Plaid Cymru

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I eventually stumbled across PC's election manifesto on their muddled website, but couldn't find a version to download, and so had to make do with the easy read text.  It says this:

We want better education

  • Better teacher training.
  • No schoolchild to be left behind – more schools having more say on how they are run, the best of which will act as benchmark schools; those less successful to get the help they need.
  • ‘On the spot’ inspections for failing schools.
  • An independent examination regulator to guarantee high standards.
  • Better child protection provision.
  • A ‘healthy relationship’ education emphasis focussing on tolerance and respect for all.
  • A new National Curriculum which would feature much better grounding in Welsh history.
  • Better ‘key skills’ education for all children – literacy, numeracy, IT skills and thinking skills, and a crucial understanding of climate change from an early age.
  • A compulsory modern language GCSE.
  • All children to remain in education or training until they are 18.
  • More help for poorer children with our Pupil Deprivation Grant.
  • Better Welsh language education at a local level.
  • Better special needs education.
  • New or modernised school buildings.
  • NO free schools in Wales.

We want better, fairer university education

  • We believe in free higher education and will continue to look at ways to provide it.
  • Financial help for Wales students and no tuition fees for those studying subjects crucial to our economy such as science, technology and healthcare.
  • Special help for students from difficult backgrounds.
  • Increased research capacity and funding for Welsh universities.
  • Long-term sustainable funding for the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol to guarantee more higher education in Welsh.
  • More Higher Level Apprenticeships.
  • More vocational and non-academic qualifications to increase the skills of our workforce.
  • Our Citizens’ Service to help young people prepare for the world of work.
  • Better gender equality and understanding throughout higher education.

No mention of ESDGC, I note, though that might not be in the 'easy read' version.

There is much to agree (and disagree) with in this, and it's clear that Plaid understands just how dire Welsh school education has become over recent years.  I highlighted the only 'easy read' reference to sustainability, although there is more in the 'We want more international equality', and 'We want a greener Wales' sections.  I particularly liked:

"We will oppose artificially imposed limits on our resources."

... although I've absolutely no idea what this means.  I confess that I gave up when I got to the section headed: "We want everyone to be equal".  Indeed; but as the American proverb has it, not before the grave.

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