Election Manifestos – Take 7; Liberal Democrats

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The Liberal Democrats manifesto is here.  It was no surprise (to me) that I liked what this said, particularly the separate sections on:

  • Environment and nature – protecting our natural environment
  • Climate change – growing the green economy

Here's a flavour:

"Our manifesto includes plans for a Nature Law which will protect the UK’s wildlife, green spaces, plants and trees, improve waste and boost recycling.  We will put nature at the heart of government decision-making, making our “Natural Capital Committee” permanent, with legal status so its recommendations have to be listened to.  We will protect habitats from forests to oceans, and the creatures that call them home, from bees to birds.  And because we believe everyone should have access to nature, we’ll complete the coastal path around the UK, improve the Right to Roam, protect more of the local green spaces people value as National Nature Parks and create a new public body to protect our forests for future generations."

On Education, there were no links across to these sorts of policies which seems a shame.  I was struck by this:

"We have a clear ambition to eradicate child illiteracy: our changes will mean every child leaves primary school able to read well by 2025."

Commendable; but a sad reflection on the state of our schools today.


Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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