The end of the world is upon us (yet again)

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Have you come across Guy McPherson?  He's an academic interested in climate science / change.  I only know about him because Dave Moreman mentioned him in his encounter with "Ask Gareth" the other day.

If you decide you'd like to watch his latest video, you may want to think hard about doing so, as McPherson writes and talks about human extinction in the "near term"; this seems to be very soon – maybe even next week if the methane plumes get us before the plutonium does.  He has a very gloomy message, but his audience at York University last week seemed to like it; well, they were very polite.

If you do watch him, make sure you view this as well, for a bit of necessary balance.  Maybe we're not doomed after all – well not yet – and it may be safe to think about that September conference ...

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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