A Festival of disruptive Innovation – the DIF

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In case you're wondering what happened to the EMF – the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – here's an update.

You'll recall that it began in 2010 with the aim to inspire a generation to rethink, redesign and build a positive future.  The Foundation works with the idea of the circular economy which it says provides a coherent framework for systems level redesign, and as such offers us an opportunity to harness innovation and creativity to enable a positive and regenerative economy.

It still works closely with HE and business, but has largely abandoned the school sector, except for international focused work.  It is working with the informal sector through the idea of disruptive innovation.  Forget Hay, Cheltenham, Bath, Woodstock and Glastonbury, it's disruptive innovation that's the thing.  Here are details of the 2015 festival [the DIF], where you can also download details of what happened in 2014.

I am sharing a platform with EMF guru, Ken Webster, next week in Cambridge, at a Climate Histories seminar, so may well have more to report on all this.


Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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