More on GM and that Panorama programme

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I feel, in that sense of balance that seizes me now and again, to refer you to Guy Watson, an organic farmer, who has written an article for the Telegraph's Food 'n' Drink page.  Its focus is the BBC Panorama programme on GM that I wrote about the other week.  The Soil Association, amongst others, is keen to set the record straight on matters such as aubergines in Bangladesh.  The headline of the article is clear enough: Why did BBC's Panorama fall for pro-GM propaganda?

You should read it – for balance.  For me, it tends to follow the NGO's self-serving line: 'No GM till it's proven to be safe", but it does end with this:

"We need ... a cool headed evaluation of the scientific evidence, tempered by transparency around the commercial interests at play."

Well, I agree with that, but would add that it's not just "commercial" interests that are in play here.  NGOs have their interests as well, as do farmers of all kinds.  Not to mention consumers, everywhere, especially the poor and malnourished.




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