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Three conferences in one WEEC – and what to do?

There's WEEC 8 in Göteborg at the start of the weec, but enough's been said for now about that.  Then there's the National Sustainable Schools conference in Bristol, and the International Outdoor Learning Conference in London, which are on at the end.  I'm going to the last of these whose strap line is Lessons from Near & Far: Research & Policy.  Here's the morning programme:

Opening Address: Andy Clements defines the Issues

Session 1: 3 inputs – Comparing responses: How do different countries achieve benefits using research and policy?

  • School-based learning in Natural Environments: Lessons for policy and research from the Natural Connections Demonstration Project in England
  • Outdoor Learning in Singapore: Past, Present and Future
  • Why Denmark is Investing in Outdoor Learning

Session 2: 2 inputs – Examples of UK Research / Policy Interface Interaction

  • Uncertainty, agency, authenticity: Learning in Natural Environments and purposeful real life learning for resilient youth
  • The impact of residential experiences on pupils’ health and learning

In the afternoon there are four small groups to choose one from – more presentations.  These notionally focus on place, curriculum, methodology and policy, but there are papers on 'place' in the curriculum and policy sessions as well.  All very confusing, but it'll be ok on the night, I guess.  In the final session, Karen Malone talks about bringing together key lessons emerging from the conference about how policy and research might be better linked to support delivery and add value to practice in this area.

As ever with these events, there will be a lot of sitting and listening.  Even the pre-lunch session [Reflections from the Floor] will be a panel discussion & questions where Karen Malone (again) will "sum up themes emerging from morning session and set up afternoon sessions."

Why do organisers seem to think that this is what people want?  Apprehensive, I suppose, of letting us loose to raise own own issues.


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