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For all those who've still got withdrawal symptoms from WEEC 15, along comes WSSD-U-2016.  I know it sounds like a WW2 submarine, but it's another conference (as if the poor Earth hadn't had enough already).  So, if you're anywhere Boston next September, you could drop by.

The theme of the event is: Designing Tomorrow’s Campus: Resiliency, Vulnerability, and Adaptation (DTC–RVA to the cognoscenti), and the co-hosts are Julie Newman, and the ineffable Walter Leal (Filho), who says that the event:

"...aims to offer a platform via which academic, technical and support staff concerned with sustainability issues at universities may meet, interact and exchanges ideas and information.  The event is also aimed at promoting innovative approaches, methods and projects, thus furthering the cause of sustainability at universities.  It encompasses, teaching, research, campus greening and extension."

Details here.  Don't say you've not been warned.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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