Outdoor Learning in 1915

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This is from The Spectator on August 21st, 1915:

"War is a time in which a shortage of labourers can least be borne with.  The land must not go untilled, the seed must not remain unsown, or the crops unharvested.  Many of these services can be rendered by children whose schooling is not yet over.  Care must be taken that the teachers do not lose sight of them, and that days, or parts of days, shall still be spent in the old way.  But if this is secured, the child of twelve will not be wholly a loser by the change.  He will gain in health by being more in the open air, and in skill by being early taught the elements of the industry by which in most cases he will eventually have to live."

Ah!  Happy days.  And who says the outdoor classroom is a new idea.

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