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I was ridiculously pleased to see that one of my papers made it into EER's Virtual Special Issue on studies of environmental and sustainability education (ESE) policy.

Here is the VSI's editorial by Katrien Van Poeck (Ghent) and Jonas A. Lysgaard (Aarhus), in which they set the rationale for the collection, and describe the contents.  Actually, "describe" is a poor word here as this, for the most part, is a scholarly and thoughtful piece of writing.

One of the inevitable outcomes of compilations such as these is that readers will look at what's there and ask themselves [a] what's missing, and [b] what is lucky to be included.  This is all to the good as it helps everyone think about the field they toil within.  Equally inevitably, perhaps, is that [a] will outnumber [b] because it's hard to make these choices, and because folk are willing to include quite terrible papers "so that the arguments can be heard".  This is a familiar refrain for those of us in the UK at the moment, albeit in a different context.  The outcome will likely be much the same, however.

As for me, whilst my [a] list could be quite long, there's only one I'd have omitted.  Indeed, I think that the paper in question is such an egregiously unscholarly rant that even recycling is too good for it.  I sensed the editors felt much the same as their endorsement was distinctly qualified.  Regular readers of the blog, as they scan the contents, will know which one I mean.


Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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  • Thanks for the kind words. You were missed at ECER, and your sharp comments on past and future articles!