ESD is no help in THE table of tables

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It is no surprise to see that Cambridge has (again) topped the Times Higher Education table of tables, based on the combined results of the UK’s three main domestic university rankings.  Oxford lies second (again), and St Andrews third (again).  The 3 tables are the Complete University Guide, the rankings published by The Guardian, and the combined Times and Sunday Times’ Good University Guide.

Most notable in all the trivia about who's up and who's down is the entry of Coventry University, the first post-92 institution to appear in the table.  Less notable to THE readers, because they've not really heard of ESD, is that only one institution that takes it seriously appears in the top 30, and that's Bristol in 22nd place – 22nd!

It does make you wonder how it is still the case that these tables can continue to ignore ESD after all the work of HEA / QAA.  Answers on a postcard please ...



Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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