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You may think you have already come across the Global Goals for SD, but are you confusing this with the UN's SD Goals?

Of course, they are the same goals, but when you compare the websites, you'll see the difference.  Global Goals is an initiative of Global Citizen which has better images and more partners than the UN.  It looks like a force of nature.

It certainly has a catchy strap line:


"If the goals are going to work, everyone needs to know about them.  You can’t fight for your rights if you don’t know what they are.  You can’t convince world leaders to do what needs to be done if you don’t know what you’re convincing them to do.  It’s the same wherever you are in the world.  Find out what’s going on around the world, decide how you are going to help us reach 7 billion people in 7 days and tell us what’s happening where you are.  These goals are for everyone, everywhere."

It remains to be seen whether the last sentence gets taken seriously.  After all, the MDGs were not seen like this.  Far from it; of course, neither was there such a campaign behind them.

Of course, it's all grist to the global learning mill ...

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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