Donald is trumped by the Env. Agency

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I dreamed the other night, in that random way you do, that I was taking tea with Mr Trump – and that I upset him by what I said, and rendered him speechless.  Not sure life can get much better than this.

But why a Trump dream in the first place?  Maybe it was that prize I won last November in San Diego for getting the right answer to the question of what is the biggest source of greenhouse gases in the USA – DJT, of course.

But it seems he pollutes here as well.  Climate Action reports that a company owned by Trump has been fined £1,610 by the UK Environment Agency for breaking carbon emissions rules.  The penalty is for a flight to the UK by a plane owned by DJT Operations (*), a part of the Trump empire, and comes under the EU's carbon pollution emissions trading scheme (ETS) which requires polluters to buy a carbon permit for every metric tonne of carbon pollution emitted, or face a $109 per metric tonne fine.  DJT Ops paid the fine.

The Environment Agency fined 25 operators recently more than £750,000 for failing to obtain carbon permits to cover their emissions.  These include include the Bahrain Royal family, AIG and 21st Century Fox America.  Let's hope the EA spends the money on a good green cause.

(*)  Here's a report, of sorts, on the irrepressible


Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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