Bye Bye to the HEA?

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A gloomy report in last week's THE about the not quite market-ready HEA, now that it is increasingly bereft of taxpayer funding.

Not only are institutional fees set to double, but academics will have to pay "modest fees" to be members, and Fellows will have to do some CPD (ie, training) to hold onto their status.  In future,  large universities (those with > 30,000 fte students) will need to pay £65,000 if they want to accredit their CPD courses and have access to fellowships.

The THE report ends:

"The HEA’s latest accounts, which were published recently, show that the organisation made a loss of £94,000 in 2014-15, compared with a surplus of £1.57 million the previous year, mainly as a result of falling grant funding.  The organisation nearly halved its workforce, which now stands at 93, but missed its targets for increasing subscription and commercial income."

This looks like a slippery slope.

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