Will the Brexodus be going through the Brexit?

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Environmentalists whom I know tend to want to claim that much of the UK's recent pro-environment legislation 'n' regulation stems from the EU rather than from our own parliaments.  I don't know enough to adjudicate on that view, but it sounds plausible, prima facie.  Of course, not everyone thinks that all such law is wholly positive – think the EU's anti-science and anti-humanist biases evident in its prejudices against genetic modification.  Anyway, ...

There wasn't much, if anything, about all this in the documentation emerging last night after the 30 hours of faux EU-drama in Brussels.  I read it this morning over a large cup of tea.  Here it is.  It is, of course, largely a comma-free zone and so is hard to read, and it has too much of that scream-inducing tendency to begin non-sentences with present participles:

"Desiring to settle, in conformity with the Treaties, certain issues raised by the United Kingdom ..."

You should read it in all it's glory, and share my pain.

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