ESD into the SDGs doesn't go

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Dear me!  I hear that UNESCO is planning to develop a "guiding framework on the interlinkages between the SDGs and specific ESD-related skills" so that education policy-makers, curriculum developers and educators across the world can do what they usually do with such meretricious UNESCO bumph – that is, ignore it.

Given that such ESD-related skills are just a motley grab-bag of half-baked ideas, ignoring will be the rational thing to do.  You think I am, perhaps, too harsh?  If so, take note that "critical thinking" is the ESD skill that UNESCO first thought of, and recall that David Orr said (more or less) that it was things like critical thinking that got us into this mess.

I think this needs a German academic to do it justice – someone simpatico and systematic who takes Gestaltungskompetenz seriously.  I know just the person ...


Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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