Lightening up new pathways for alternative futures

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Whilst I do agree that most of those advocating ESD in universities ought to lighten up, that seems no good reason to devote a whole conference to it.  But this seems to be what is happening in Gibraltar in June as Tuesday's rather breathless message from RCE Severn made clear ...

"Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is lightening up new pathways for alternative futures."

Just in case you're tempted, here are the four key questions to be addressed:

  • How can universities become beacons of change and good practice in ESD?
  • What type of teaching approaches and professional skills are needed to enable university educators to develop ESD in their own organisations?
  • How can we support university educators to develop professional competences in ESD?
  • What are the connections between ESD, professional development and quality enhancement in higher education?

You'll be familiar with these as they have been the mainstay of ESD conference debate for years – and yet there are still no answers.  For more detail on it all (and on the usual suspects who are lined up as keynote speakers), you can go to: – or, like me, you can stay at home.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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