Deconstructing UBC

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I have written now and then (both here and in papers) about the University of British Columbia model of sustainability, and (less frequently) about its short-comings, particularly in relation to how its teaching and learning provision fails to keep up both with its low-carbon buildings and its world-class PR.  So it was good to talk with Steve Martin the other day on his return from a 3 week visit to UBC to investigate that very issue.

Steve used the evaluation methodology that Andrew McCoshan and he employed to evaluate the UK's Green Academy programme.  As Steve noted in a SHED-SHARE blog, this was no easy task given the size of UBC with 2 campuses, a main campus student population of 44,000, and 12,000 academic and admin staff.

Steve ended by asking if any institution would be interested in his running a seminar on the UBC Model.  I think we should take the response to this generous offer as an indicator of interest in the issue more generally.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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