GEEP, GEEP, geep and geep

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I've decided to collect GEEPs.  So far, I have four.

You might recall that I wrote about the international one last year when I attended a meeting in San Diego.  The Global Environmental Education Partnership [GEEP] is coming to the UK this weekend for a steering committee and no doubt I'll have something to say about that.

More locally, there's the Gloucestershire Environmental Education Partnership [GEEP] which works with the Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning [GHLL].

And there's a new Irish geep, as the BBC informed us a little while ago.  This poor creature is a goat / sheep hybrid which has done well even to be born alive, judging by past experience.  Inevitably, it has its own YouTube video, and is more photogenic than anyone I know in either GEEP or GEEP.  Not everyone is convinced it's real, however.  NB, if we're getting technical here, the geep is different from a goat-sheep chimera.

Then there's geep: global electric electronic processing which "is a growing company with a professional team committed to sustainability that works hard to consistently exceed its customers’ expectations – one piece of electronics at a time."  I've no idea what this means, but it's in there, and, uniquely, it has a geepstore.

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