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I'm spending today – a UK holiday – bunkered with environmental educators from across the globe at a GEEP executive / steering committee meeting in Bristol.

We're talking about GEEP's goals, objectives, etc – again.  I had to remind myself that I wrote this last October:

"The first GEEP day ended with delegates still searching for some illusive final clarity about goals, objectives and strategies.  It's still not clear whether GEEP does things, or (just) enables others to do things.  Rather inevitably, with so many people from different countries, and a good mix of organisational types represented, there were many perspectives about both the problems to be addressed, and how to do this.  We did one of those deliberative exercises with group work, flip charts and sticker dots to identify priorities, and the core team will be thinking about all this before we meet again on Thursday when they will tell us what we've decided."

Still muddling, then; and not yet through.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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