The Earth still turns

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When I switched on the TV this morning (about 0400), it was obvious that, despite the wildlife vote and tendentious videos about dirty beaches, we had voted to leave the EU.  Of course, whether we actually shall is quite another matter.

I thought I'd better go for a walk to check that all was still well with the natural world, despite all the dire predictions.  Well, the sun was up, the birds were singing (rather cheerfully, I thought), the cows were contentedly chewing in the fields, the newly-minted ducks were still pottering about on the canal, and a grey heron was alert to possibilities (there are no EU fishing quotas on the Kennet & Avon), and the pyramidal orchids in the hay meadow that passes for my front lawn in summer are still doing what they do best – being just fabulous.

It would be misleading to think that all's well with the world, but equally wrong, perhaps, to be too gloomy about the future on this bright, bright, sunshiny day.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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