Vision 2030+

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The final report of Scotland's LfS Group, Vision 2030+, has been released.  It is here.

The report "establishes a convergence between LfS and the Sustainable Development Goals as a direction for further policy development to 2030 (the 15-year period of the SDGs)".  It builds on the decision by Scottish Ministers to accept all thirty-one recommendations of the 2013 Learning for Sustainability (LfS) report which, you will recall, recommended  that:

  • All learners should have an entitlement to learning for sustainability
  • In line with the new GTCS Professional Standards, every practitioner, school and education leader should demonstrate learning for sustainability in their practice
  • Every school should have a whole school approach to learning for sustainability that is robust, demonstrable, evaluated and supported by leadership at all levels
  • All school buildings, grounds and policies should support learning for sustainability
  • A strategic national approach to supporting learning for sustainability should be established.

It would be churlish to downplay policy achievements like this, and the value of what has been produced, but foolish to think that it will necessarily lead to anything revolutionary.  Schools and teacher unions are well practised at having tokenistic solutions to top-down, bureaucratic diktats such as this, and the question is whether LfS will be the exception.

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