Sustainable food – or is it?

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The latest edition of NERC's Planet Earth magazine contained a breathless feature on a partnership between M&S and NERC to create "a more sustainable global food system".  You can read all about this here.

Carmel McQuaid, who sounds as if she works for Ofscoff, is actually head of sustainable business at M&S.  She told Planet Earth:

"Having access to and contributing to the latest scientific research on food and farming helps us produce high quality, innovative products in the most sustainable ways possible.  That's what our customers expect from us and a partnership with NERC gives us expertise and facilities that otherwise wouldn't be available to our buyers and suppliers. And access to our buyers and suppliers gives NERC's team information and data that they otherwise wouldn't be able to apply to their research."

Well, speaking as a customer, most usually at a railway station or motorway stop-off, what I expect is to be able to by English apples in the Autumn.  Is that unreasonable, do you suppose?  It was last year when my enquiries about why that wasn't possible were sniffily dismissed.  All the corporate bollocks in the world will not stop me thinking that supporting the growing of English apples has to be at the heart of our take on sustainable development.

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