Boycott or Sabotage – could you tell the difference?

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There was the usual excitement at this year’s NUS National Conference.  It passed an amendment to Motion 201 in the Education Zone debate calling on NUS to determine the most effective strategy to either boycott or sabotage the 2017 National Student Survey [NSS].  The reason?  In order to challenge the government’s higher education reforms, as the NSS is the key metric in the awful Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) which prompts inflationary rises in tuition fees in those universities deemed worthy enough to warrant them.

It's an interesting choice of words as a boycott would effectively sabotage the NSS.  This would likely be good news for those top-flight institutions that consistently do badly in the survey, and bad news for those that manage / manipulate it so well to their (if not necessarily to their students') advantage.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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