Is it time for green infrastructure QE?

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Although the answer's probably "no!", it's a question that's out there, posed by Richard Murphy, who writes the Tax Research UK blog.

Although the blog post raising this question is from 2015, interest is probably being stimulated again by the referendum result.  I suspect, however, that this embodies a misunderstanding of QE – not that I'm really qualified to pronounce on QE as I'm as puzzled as the next person by its mysteries.  QE seems a bit like the Schleswig-Holstein question about which, Lord Palmerston is said to have said ...

"The Schleswig-Holstein question is so complicated, only three men in Europe have ever understood it.  One was Prince Albert, who is dead. The second was a German professor who became mad. I am the third and I have forgotten all about it.”

Just so.

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