Traditional whaling in the Faroes

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Last week's Spectator has an article by Heri Joensen, the lead singer of Tyr, a Faroese heavy metal band, on his social media problems after he confessed to taking part in a grindadráp, the hunting of long-finned pilot whales when they get close in-shore to the Faroe islands.  There's a lot of detail (informative / horrific according to taste) on the killing of the whales and of the place of whaling in the community life of the Faroe islanders.  There's also a lot on what Joensen sees as the hypocrisy around the opposition to the killing of non-endangered whales, especially by those who continue to condone routine slaughterhouse (mal)practices.

Joensen's mistake was not so much to be part of the grindadráp, but to post a picture on Facebook of his part in it.  As Aeschylus had it: "Those who live by social media, ... .


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