Every Tam, Dougie and Hamish is working on the SDGs it seems

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There's evidence that our friends in North Britain are slowly getting up to speed on the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs].  Learning for Sustainability Scotland [LfSS] says it is now working with members to develop a new task group focusing on supporting the Goals "through learning".

The aims of this Task Group are to:

  • Influence policy through advocating for learning as a fundamental aspect of the SDGs, in Scotland and beyond
  • Raise Awareness and understanding of the scope of learning within the SDGs (within and across formal, informal and non-formal contexts)
  • Engage and Represent members; and partner with other organisations and individuals in Scotland and UK; and collaborate with relevant international partners (UNESCO, UN RCEs) to help deliver on GAP and the SDG s
  • Contribute to monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the SDGs in Scotland and beyond

Oddly for a group that prides itself on being ahead of the game in such matters, it looks to me as though LfSS is playing catch-up.  The first meeting is not until late November ...

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