Another day; another Manchester symposium

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I see that there's another dodgy-sounding symposium in Manchester next March.  Its prolix title is:

Symposium on Implementing Sustainability in the Curriculum of Universities: teaching approaches, methods, examples and case studies

The dreary blurb says:

"One of the major barriers to the wide incorporation of matters related to sustainable development at higher education institutions, is the fact that sustainability is seldom systematically embedded in the curriculum.  Yet, proper provisions for curricular integration of sustainability issues at part of teaching programmes across universities is an important element towards curriculum greening.  Despite the central relevance of this topic, not many events have specifically focused on identifying ways of how better teach about sustainability issues in a university context.  It is against this background that the symposium is being organised.  It will involve researchers in the field of sustainable development in the widest sense, from business and economics, to arts and fashion, administration, environment, languages and media studies.

The core premise is just not true.  There are endless seminars and conferences about this, all of which have one thing in common: nobody who really matters in a university ever goes, and the faithful talk to each other about how hard life is for evangelists and those who've seen the true light.  This will be another one.  There will also be yet another tedious, peer-reviewed book published by Springer.  Further details are here.  I'd say by all means go to Manchester, but there are much better things to do when you're there.

Posted in: Comment, Talks and Presentations


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