The Golden Age

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There are still environmentalists who think that a return to a golden age is possible – if only if we all do more of this or less of the other.  You know, that time when there was no social injustice, no poverty, no sexism, no racism, no exploitation of man by man, and no environmental problems.  No(n)sense, of course.

But not, it seems, if you're a puritanical Salafist hell bent on Jihad and "progress through regression" as they term it, according to a new book by Shiraz Maher of King's College: Salafi-Jihadism: the history of an idea.

The golden age in this case was when Islam was spread by both the word and the sword during the first three generations  of the faith – the al-salaf al-salihin.  Happy Days indeed!



Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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