Unlock the lock-ins

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As slogans go, "Unlock the lock-ins" is up there with "Rectify the anomaly" and "Stronger together".  In fact, it's way ahead as it manages to be both meaningless and misleading at the same time which is quite something.  That is, it is quite meaningless, but the unwary will think it's about radical prison reform.  Actually, it's about something very vague indeed: T-Learning (or is that t-learning, or T-learning, or ...).  The T (or t) here stands for transformative and transgressive whilst learning means learning, but not, maybe, as we now know it.

Here's what the Transformative learning blog had to say about it:

"Radical changes in society are needed for responding to climate change, and for transforming to sustainability.  It is increasingly clear that people everywhere will need to learn to transform to sustainability in ways that are socially just, peaceful and ecologically sustainable.  It is now already widely known that transformations to sustainability can occur if people learn to make changes at niche level. This can drive wider social changes and regime shift transformations, especially if such forms of learning become more collective.  Transformations to sustainability do not come about easily because of ‘lock-ins’ in the system.  Transformative, transgressive types of learning are needed to help ‘unlock’ the lock-ins and to strengthen wider forms of collective social learning.  Yet, we know little about the type of transformative, transgressive learning (t-learning) that enables such change."

Lest we all get over-excited too quickly, we should remember that these are the people who gave us the REAL World Collective.  Personally, I think it's an attempt to cash in on the current social vogue for all things trans, and that the only thing that will come of this is more and more publications that fewer and fewer people will read.

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